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Soft-Trac 1 Breakaway Kit

Soft-Trac 1 Breakaway Kit

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The CURT Soft-Trac 1 breakaway system comes with a 12-volt, 5-amp battery and a nylon breakaway switch for reliable activation. The battery is designed to be rechargeable for long-term use, and the breakaway switch comes with a 48 lanyard to fit most vehicle-trailer combinations. This particular kit does not include a battery charger. To keep the battery well-protected from the elements and tampering, this Soft-Trac 1 breakaway kit also comes with a lockable top-load battery case. The case is made from durable plastic to be rust-free and features a screw-tight lid with rubber gaskets to maintain good wiring connections.

Activates electric trailer brakes in the event of a breakaway
Compatible with trailers with up to three axles
48 cable lanyard connects tow vehicle to trailer breakaway battery
12-volt battery can be recharged using breakaway charger #52025
Meets or exceeds DOT specifications
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