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Receiver Tube Adapter (1-1/4to 2Shank, Not for Towing Use, 6-1/4Length)

Receiver Tube Adapter (1-1/4to 2Shank, Not for Towing Use, 6-1/4Length)

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CURT hitch adapters can be used for many different purposes when hitching up a trailer. Whether a ball mount shank is too small or too large to fit into a receiver tube, a CURT adapter can make up the difference. Our adapters are built with exceptional strength and designed to be precisely fitted for their application. We carry trailer hitch adapters to accommodate both receiver tube openings and shanks of 1-1/4, 2and 2-1/2dimensions. CURT adapters also come in various lengths to allow more clearance for a cargo carrier, bike rake or spare tire. This CURT receiver adapter/extender converts a 1-1/4x 1-1/4receiver tube opening to a 2x 2opening. It installs easily and provides 10of extra clearance for a bumper or spare tire. It has a tongue weight capacity of 350 lbs. but is not intended for towing use to pull any amount of gross trailer weight. All CURT adapters are constructed using our quality manufacturing processes. We CNC-form each unit, weld it together using advanced robotic systems and then mechanically descale every surface to make each adapter smooth to accept a finishing coat. To finish off this adapter, we give it a durable black powder coat finish to ensure it has excellent rust, chip and UV resistance.

Adapts a 1-1/4receiver tube opening to fit a 2shank
Extends receiver tube by 10for added clearance
CNC-formed, robotically welded and mechanically descaled for a perfect fit
Protected by a durable powder coat finish
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