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Pisces Seahorse Handcrafted Art Glass Figurine

Pisces Seahorse Handcrafted Art Glass Figurine

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Our Pisces Seahorse Handcrafted Art Glass Figurine features brilliant color and painstaking attention to detail. The pretty figurine depicts a seahorse that is handcrafted of Favrile art glass, which embeds the color within the glass itself. This allows for subtle variation in color and texture and can mean that no 2 pieces are exactly alike. The figurine begins with clear glass into which we have infused a brilliant cerulean blue throughout his body. The blue gently lightens near his meticulously cast head to allow the fine craftsmanship to be appreciated. His back fins are clear for contrast, which extends to the square clear glass base. A brilliant splash of color when displayed in any decor, our Pisces Seahorse Handcrafted Art Glass Figurine makes an excellent gift for any nature or aquatic aficionado. NOTE: Due to the nature of handmade art glass, colors, sizes and patterns may vary slightly.

Piece seahorse handcrafted art glass figurine is a lovely representation of sea turtles found in wild you'll be proud to display in any room in your home or office
Seahorse spirit animal is a unique creature that's always calm and collected as it navigates seas
Art glass is a blend of many colors of glass and it is completely normal to have air bubbles appear in the glass
Colors may also vary slightly from piece to piece making each one a unique work of art

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