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Medium Rectangle White Modern Mirror (34.75 in. H x 28.75 in. W)

Medium Rectangle White Modern Mirror (34.75 in. H x 28.75 in. W)

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Mirrors expand your space and maximize natural light, opening up the room with a feeling of greater depth. Place a mirror opposite a window or behind a pendant lamp to cast diffused light with a unique and enchanting look. This rectangular wall mirror is enclosed in a classic white frame with distressed cream accents that have been antiqued to embrace a lived-in, shabby chic aesthetic. The mirror edges are beveled to give an added touch of sophistication. This functional and decorative piece can serve as the visual focus at the end of a hall, or the centerpiece of a salon style living room gallery wall. Hang Gorgeous mirror above a bedroom dresser or vanity, large dining room furniture, or any other location you would like to enlarge and enhance with elegant design and a vintage aesthetic.

Attractive mirrored surfaces are the perfect way to add depth and light to any room, and to energize small or dimly lit spaces
High quality mirror in a striking frame which calls up a sense of refined luxury as well as a clear reflection
Gorgeous framed wall mirror is suited to a wide variety of decor styles, and can be hung either vertically or horizontally to fit your individual space
Sturdy and well-made yet not overly bulky, this mirror comes with hardware on the back of the frame to make wall mounting a breeze

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