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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Non Slip SUP W Backpack, 3 Fins, Paddle, Pump (10 ft. x 33 in. x 6.2 in.) 17 lbs. Pink

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Non Slip SUP W Backpack, 3 Fins, Paddle, Pump (10 ft. x 33 in. x 6.2 in.) 17 lbs. Pink

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Want a durable, full size Inflatable Paddle Board with triple-fin stability for-hours of water adventuring. If so, choose Crew and Axel's Inflatable Paddle Board. At Crew and Axel, we've designed an extremely durable, rugged, inflatable paddle board with the perfect 33 in. W for families, advanced riders and beginners to get afloat with ease, together with durable, military grade PVC construction that resists flexing and small punctures. Excellent for beginners and experienced paddlers alike, we've designed our Board with triple, base-located stabilizer fins for added stability and responsiveness while paddling. Simply assemble our lightweight, scooped paddle to easily glide, paddle and explore open lakes and rivers. Why our Inflatable Paddle Board is your BEST Choice. - All-In-1 Inflatable Paddle Boat Set, Full-length 10 ft., military-PVC board in deep blue or hot pink. High Efficiency Pump, Ergonomic grips with fast, double action inflating power. - Secure Bungee Cord, Easily keep keys, valuables and water bottles securely at arms-length. - Collapsible, Bend-Resistant Scooped Paddle, Enhanced water-control, turning and acceleration. AND THE BEST PART. Our Board, pump and accessories easily collapse to fit our included, sleek black carrying bag without excess weight or bulk. Simply sling over your shoulder, or into a back-seat for instant, carry-anywhere all water action.

2022 UPDATES: This season we've made the board wider for stability (33), added 4 D-rings for a seat, camera mount compatible with gopro, added a floating paddle, and a large dry proof bag. One of the lightest and most stable paddle boards on the market at only 18lbs, with a weight capacity of 340lbs the Crew & Axel comes with everything you need. Take to the water in an instant with everything you need including our two year warrnaty
Military grade materials: manufactured from the thicker, rugged, military-spec pvc material, our board is strong, tough and easily resists tiny, paddle-ending punctures, whether from low-lying coral, sharp stones, or rocks hiding below the surface, the material used is not only strong but also ultra-light weight, the paddleboard inflated is under 17 lbs.
Enhanced, 3-fin stability: perfect for beginners and learners to easily get a feel for paddling and gain confidence on the water, we've designed our inflatable paddle board with dual fixed fins and a removable, larger central stabilizer for enhanced control and stability
Quickly inflates with less pumping, we include an ultra-high efficiency, double action pump with comfortable, ergonomic, dual hand grips to powerfully channel the maximum amount of air with every up and down stroke, for faster inflation and more time on the water
2 YEAR WARRANATY, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Over 1,000,000 paddle boards sold! A Crew & Axel inflatable paddle board makes the perfect gift, new hobby or just a great way to get outdoors and enjoy yourself. All boards come with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY, and US based customer service!

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