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Eternal Embrace Handcrafted Art Glass Sculpture

Eternal Embrace Handcrafted Art Glass Sculpture

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Our Eternal Embrace Handcrafted Art Glass Sculpture celebrates the special bond that can exist between a couple. The tall sculpture depicts a stylized couple in an eternal embrace. The sculpture begins with clear glass into which our artisans have hand blown a twisted blend of sea foam green and ocean blue for a lovely splash of tranquil color. The sculpture stands on a solid square pedestal of clear glass for stability and contrast. The figure is hand blown using Favrile Art Glass, which was first developed by L.C. Tiffany in the late Nineteenth Century. The Favrile process embeds the color within the glass itself, which allows for subtle variations in tone and texture. This means that no 2 pieces are exactly alike and ensures that yours is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Perfect when displayed on a curio shelf or mantle, our Eternal, Embrace Handcrafted Art Glass Sculpture makes a wonderful gift for a wedding or engagement that can also commemorate a meaningful anniversary. NOTE: Due to the nature of handmade art glass, colors, sizes and patterns may vary slightly.

Eternal embrace handcrafted art glass sculpture is a magnificent couple sculpture celebrates love in all forms
Bodies are in green and blue with an amber bubble glass that adds a warm touch of color
Heads, feet and the clear base of the sculpture have been kept clear for definition
Figurine makes the perfect engagement, wedding, or anniversary gift whose recipients will cherish for a lifetime

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