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Alfrescamore Ceramic-Glazed Cordierite Pizza Grilling Stone

Alfrescamore Ceramic-Glazed Cordierite Pizza Grilling Stone

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Enjoy perfectly baked pizza every time with Cuisinart's Alfrescamore ceramic-glazed cordierite pizza grilling stone. Like the traditional cordierite pizza stone, the ceramic-glazed version will not crack in extreme heat or cold, and has added benefits. Now, you can cut your pizza directly on the 13 in. Dia stone and then toss it straight into the dishwasher before you even sit down to eat. With fewer dishes and fast cleanup, this ceramic-glazed cordierite pizza stone is the perfect addition to your homemade pizzeria experience. Not only can you make pizza, you can also bake calzones, breads, and desserts to perfection as well.

13 in. Dia 3/8 in. thick pizza stone can be used on any grill
Creates an even cooking surface on the grill
Heats evenly for perfectly grilled pizza
Constructed from cordierite and finished with a ceramic glaze
Cordierite withstands high grill temps and thermal shock better than ceramic stone
Ceramic glaze makes the cordierite easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and usable as a cutting surface

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